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Founded in 1981, Caetano & Caetano, Lda. is a shirts and blouses manufacturing company, that has acquired, throughout the years, a distinctive position within the Portuguese and European tex-tile industry.

Producing 40.000 pieces per month Caetano combines in itself a suis generis concept that inte-grates passion, dedication, innovation and a talented team of over 130 employees.

As a team, we are committed to give always the best to our clients, and that is exactly what make us standing out at the crowd – high quality clothing, commitment to due dates, response time up to 4 weeks and a huge care and passion for what we do.

Always opened to new challenges, we have recently started manufacturing, in a smaller scale, pocket squares, scarfs, skirts and dresses. Constantly seeking new opportunities we engage in Fashion and Textile fairs all around the globe, several times a year.